I try to spec environmental paper for print projects as much as possible. I just completed an annual report for GrowNYC (formerly the Council on the Environment of NYC) which I have been designing for the past 3 or 4 years using a great green sheet, New Leaf Reincarnation Matte. It’s one of my faves, since it’s uncoated but prints like it’s coated (minimal dot gain) and Rolling Press, my environmental printer in Brooklyn, really knows how to handle it.

However, there’s so many different ways to “go green” with paper stock, and it can get confusing, fast. Usually I try to include icons of the various eco-conscious factors inherent in the sheet I’ve chosen. This varies from sheet to sheet, and can include:

• post-consumer waste (PCW)

• recycled

• made with windpower

• Green-e

• ancient-forest friendly

• processed chlorine-free

• FSC-certified

…and the list goes on.

New Leaf paper eco-audit

However, for the GrowNYC project, instead of using all the logos (which, by the way, I find hard to find in a high-resolution format. I always ask printers but they never have a source. If you have one, can you let me know?) my printer offered to make me up this Eco-audit from New Leaf Paper. Pretty nifty, eh?

In spite of it being a great big ad for New Leaf, I think it conveys some useful info. Here’s what it looks like on the inside back cover of the report:

eco-audit placed on the page