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On June 24 I had a booth – along with 85 other businesses & organizations – at this trade event held by the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce at the Ithaca Farmers Market. Visitors came out to meet and greet local businesses, pick up lots of free crap (those little clippy things that hold my used corn chip bags were a popular giveaway this year) and try to sell me stuff as I stood hostage behind my display. As a new chamber member and a relatively new resident in the area, it was a effective way to get some exposrue for my graphic design firm. My pic was even in the paper, Tompkins Weekly (they screwed up the name of my biz, but *sigh*, what can you do).Tompkins Weekly, featuring Julia Reich Design at Showcase Tompkins

Rory at the Ithaca dog park


running around the dog park

...and coming.

Here’s my dog, Rory, a cross (I suspect) between a walker coonhound and a redbone coonhound. At 2.5 years of age, she’s graceful, affectionate, athletic, social, smart, and incorrigible. I adopted her when she was 6 mos old from the Wanderer’s Rest Humane Assoc. in Canastota, NY. I try to take her to this dog park of all dog parks, in Ithaca, en route to my weekly Toastmasters meeting at Cornell U. The plan is to totally tire her out so she sleeps in the car throughout my one-hour meeting. And you know what, it always works like a charm. But let me tell you, it is very difficult to capture moving dogs with a still camera. As you can see, she is either constantly moving IN or OUT of the frame.


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